Conceptualizing oblivion and considering the important role it plays within our psyche


So, have you been to oblivion?

This post will be a flow of contemplation around this idea…

My dance with uncertainty and its hold over my mind


“Take a soldier and put him right in front of a cannon in a battle and fire it at him, and he’ll go on hoping, but read out a certain death sentence to that same soldier, and he’ll go mad, or start to weep.” — Fyodor Dostoevsky

God, beliefs, truth….and meeting Kendra and Bertram

Your love story should be an ever evolving narrative…with it comes bliss and suffering


The mysterious ‘P-Factor’ and how it can help us understand our suffering


The algorithmic reinforcement of the self…I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this lately, more like a jumbled mess of incoherent nonsense. I knew that I must put my fingers on the keyboard and begin.

And Why We MUST Embrace It


Understanding the power of belief

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

And how traditional religions can learn from this connection


Find Yourself by Embracing Your Inner Student


Building Narratives Upon Our Assumptions

Brenden Weber

A writer of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Podcaster. Ghostwriter. Thoughts/Podcast/Content…

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