How to be Mentally Strong

We all want to overcome what’s holding us back and live the life we dream of. But how do we do that? Easier said than done right?

Just like you, I’m trying to work hard to achieve the goals I’ve set forth. Trying to create lasting change in my life to achieve happiness and the freedom to do what we love. At times, while in pursuit of those goals, I fall short at paying mind to the bad behaviors that undermine my efforts.

These bad behaviors are what lead to hard times — be it debt, self-doubt, or depression. Life will always throw you curveballs. How we react to these difficult circumstances are essential for returning to a prosperous lifestyle.

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is, what change would we like to make in our life? How will this change make you feel? Inevitably, those creepy little negative thoughts will be on the prowl, “why try, I’ve always failed in the past.” Sound familiar? It does for me!

Having those pesky negative thoughts in your mind is okay. We all face them at some point. It’s how we react to those thoughts that are important. We have to ignore those thoughts and focus on the road ahead.

I’m not one to believe there’s a one size fits all method for overcoming this problem, the person who knows you best is yourself, but we can consider some techniques that can be helpful. Such as setting yourself a short-term 30-day goal, set a list of daily changes you want to make, create a list of anticipated hurdles, and keep a measurement of your progress. This can keep you on the right track and overcome those pesky negative thoughts.

Remember, don’t waste time on what you can’t control.

The one thing we can control is doing what we can for ourselves — eating right, exercising, reading, and getting enough sleep — doing the right things to keep us in the right mindset.

We can achieve the most happiness by taking steps to steer our lives in the right direction while accepting that there are many things outside of our control.

Be willing to take calculated risks.

We all have to be willing to take risks in life. Success doesn’t come without risk. Although, it’s crucial that those risks are calculated!

For example, say you are working at a 9–5 job that you hate, but you’ve been dreaming of quitting and starting your own business. The thought is a start!

But one day, you’ve had enough, so you left your job in pursuit of that business even though you haven’t really set out a plan or even have a concrete product to work toward. This is a severe risk and one that will likely leave you never wanting to retake a big risk again.

We need to calculate and wait for the opportune time. Start with a small risk. Reason through that risk.

Start paying mind to the fear of risks that are holding you back. Maybe they are not so dangerous after all!

Learn from the past, but don’t allow it to control you. Allow yourself to enjoy life, be happy, and take the risk despite what you’ve chosen for your life in the past. We must allow ourselves to move forward.

Mistakes are okay.

It’s how we react to those mistakes that strengthen us mentally. Ask yourself, what did I do wrong? What could I have done better?

These two questions allow us to learn, recalibrate, and be better prepared to try again. We can better do this by keeping our eyes on the prize, make a list of why you don’t want to make the same mistake, and then adapt based on that list.

Don’t be afraid of failure.

Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors in history, most famous for his invention of the lightbulb. However, he failed many times. Did you know Edison created an electric pen? A ghost machine? Probably not. Well, that’s because they were complete and udder failures.

Edison used those failures as learning opportunities. A chance to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Those failures put him one step closer to success. Think of failures as milestones towards a path of success.

Allow yourself to take some pride in your failures and mistakes.

Now, at the end of the day reading this post isn’t going to be enough to make a change. But hopefully, it can help bring you to a mindset of mental strength that can help you continue on the path towards your dreams.

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