I’m going to have to mostly disagree with you here. Now, I will say those operating with the assumption that ‘God does not exist’ as a statement of fact do run into issues. It’s a conclusion that could be proven false.

However, to say that there’s not more evidence that God doesn’t exist is not true.

We can weigh out what non-theist say about the universe and theist say about the universe. And from there we can determine who was “more right.” This conclusion falls to the side of atheism.

Take this excerpt from Sean Carroll:

“Put in those terms, it’s easy to come up with features of our universe that provide evidence for atheism over theism. Imagine a world in which miracles happened frequently, rather than rarely or not at all. Imagine a world in which all of the religious traditions from around the globe independently came up with precisely the same doctrines and stories about God. Imagine a universe that was relatively small, with just the sun and moon and Earth, no other stars or galaxies.

Imagine a world in which religious texts consistently provided specific, true, nonintuitive pieces of scientific information. Imagine a world in which human beings were completely separate from the rest of biological history. Imagine a world in which souls survived after death, and frequently visited and interacted with the world of the living, telling compelling stories of life in heaven. Imagine a world that was free of random suffering. Imagine a world that was perfectly just, in which the relative state of happiness of each person was precisely proportional to their virtue. In any of those worlds, diligent seekers of true ontology would quite rightly take those aspects of reality as evidence for God’s existence. It follows, as the night the day, that the absence of these features is evidence in favor of atheism.”

The point is we can look at the world and try to determine which hypothesis have more evidence than others. Even though we create theories from these hypotheses—and sometimes using the language of calling them fact—remain open to new evidence.

So we can say that atheism has more evidence than theism.

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