This is not true. This claim is acting as your assertion to support your thesis, thus your argument fails.

Additionally, the meat of your argument fails to support your claim.

  1. Marijuana doesn’t hinder rationality, you could better argue it enhances it.
  2. Your analysis of what prohibition accomplishes is false. Dangerously false. Even a 10 minute skim of America’s history of prohibition would back up this point. The drug war? Alcohol prohibition? These are bad policies.
  3. “Marijuana Use is Self-Regarding” again this is not true. I would give you credit if you admitted alcohol does this as well…but you protect alcohol because of how “society” uses it. Have you seen the amount of driving deaths that are related to alcohol use?
  4. “The Unhealthy Foods Objection” ––well science actually shows food does inhibit your cognitive functions. I guess this goes back to my main objection of your argument: the government should not be banning substances that impair cognitive behavior. Unfortunately, we have members of the government that lack knowledge in current cognitive research and spread false information (such as your work on this article).
  5. Your points on prohibition decreasing alcohol consumption. Regarding public policy I often find it’s best to look at the whole picture in regards to promoting public utility….you left out some glaring statistics. Such as the increase in alcohol poisoning from dealing in the black market? Gang violence relating to illegal alcohol trade? Seriously, you cannot believe what you’re writing.

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